Sensoa is committed to making the website accessible, in line with the Administrative Decree of 7 December 2018 (Flanders).

This decree stipulates that all government websites must be accessible since 23 September 2020. This applies to the federal, Flemish to municipal level. This not only helps the 15% of the population with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor disabilities, but improves digital accessibility for everyone.

Compliance status

The BOSA report, in which was screened for accessibility criteria in accordance with the AA level of the WCAG, shows that there are still areas for improvement to make the site more accessible. We are working to resolve these areas for improvement and update this statement after it. 

Contact details

If you have any comments or questions about the accessibility of, please email them to

If you are not satisfied with the answer to your comment or question, or if you have not received an answer at all, you can submit a complaint via our contact form on

Succession plan

With every new text that comes online or is updated, we check accessibility. We also scan the entire website every year to detect accessibility errors.

This statement was made on 14/06/2024 and last reviewed on 14/6/2024.