Sensoa is the Flemish expertise centre for sexual health.

Sensoa's vision of sexual health for all

Everyone is able to have positive and safe sexual experiences, with respect for one another. People are free to make sexual and reproductive choices in a society that makes this possible. 

We pay attention to everyone in Flanders and Brussels, regardless of their (cultural) background, religion, gender, disability or other characteristics. 

We use the definition of sexual health of the World Health Organization (WHO) as the starting point in this work.  

Our main objectives are: 

  • More people have access to information and care tailored to their needs. 
  • More people have positive and safe sexual experiences.   
  • Support for sexual health and rights remains safeguarded.  
  • Belgium remains an international leader in sexual health.

Our mission: Sensoa is the Flemish expertise centre for sexual health

We offer a response to needs and social developments with sustainable interventions. 

We provide information and advice to all. We support the expertise of professionals and inspire the policy. 

All of our interventions are well-founded and we verify their relevance by means of monitoring, evaluation and adjustment. We ensure broad implementation. We ask questions and share scientific expertise. 

Our strategy: cooperation and partnerships

We work together to improve sexual health in Flanders. We do this by collaborating with other organisations that reach specific target groups and through participation of the relevant groups. We engage with the relevant partners in relation to each of our themes (STDs and HIV, sexually transgressive behaviour, reproductive health, sexual development, and sexual well-being). 

We are reliable partner for intermediaries, government, and press.  

Our basic principles: inclusion, participation and sex-positivity

We take the diversity in our society into account by means of inclusive communication.  

We stand for cooperation and participatory work and this forms part of sustainable implementation. We work to promote expertise of (future) intermediaries and encourage them to start working with our methods.  

We champion freedom of choice and sexual rights. Sexual health is inextricably linked with the promotion and protection of sexual rights. Sexual health is also related to equality of women and men, self-determination, and freedom from racism and discrimination. 

We take a positive approach towards sex and work to tackle taboos, stigma, and shame. 

In all of this, Sensoa is reliable, committed, respectful, relevant and effective. 

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