Sensoa is the Flemish expertise centre for sexual health. Sensoa is there for everyone in Flanders and Brussels.

Supporting the sexual development of children and young people 

Children and young people are important to Sensoa. This is why we support teachers, other professionals, and parents. We create lesson packages, curricula and other materials.

Preventing sexually transgressive behaviour

Sensoa works together with institutions, such as youth institutions and organisations, and local health centres. They can use materials from Sensoa to develop, independently, a policy on relationships and sexuality. They can also use the materials to enable them to respond more effectively as a team to situations and to inform their target audience about these topics in an appropriate way. One example of this is the Sensoa Flag System. We also inform the wider public by organising campaigns to prevent sexually transgressive behaviour.  

Preventing STDs and HIV and supporting people with HIV

Sensoa raises awareness of and provides information about STDs and HIV to professionals and the public. We do this via campaigns in the field (via outreach services), online information, the service Sensoa Positief for people with HIV, and via cooperation with organisations that work closely with the target groups. 

Promoting sexual well-being

Sensoa aims to promote sexual well-being, including that of people with a disability or people who are more vulnerable. We do this, for example, in 14 languages via our website and the One to One method (O2O) method to talk as a professional about sexual health. 

Promoting planned and wanted pregnancy

Sensoa aims to make contraception as easily available as possible for everyone and strives to provide tailored advice about contraception. We do this via our online contraception guide and through our partnerships with for example the Association of Pharmacists Belgium (APB), Flemish Pharmacists Network (VAN), maternity care expertise centres, and general practitioners (GPs). 

Informing and raising awareness among the general public, intermediaries and press 

Sensoa provides information and raises awareness via its websites, (social) media, events and newsletters. For professionals, there is and, for example. Sensoa also raises awareness via wider public campaigns.  

Guaranteeing attention to our themes in the international context

Sensoa ensures attention to HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights in international cooperation and the Federal Government's policy. We do this by supporting members of Belgian parliament, united in the 'Parliamentarians for the 2030 Agenda' group and by exchange, capacity-building and advice in national and international networks. Sensoa is also a member of International Planned Parenthood Federation

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