What is the Sensoa Flag System?  

The Sensoa Flag System is a method developed in Flanders for assessing sexual behaviour and responding appropriately.

Based on six criteria, sexual behaviour can be divided into four categories, ranging from okay to not okay at all. They are indicated by different colour flags. For each flag, you are presented an appropriate response. 

The Sensoa Flag System considers sexual situations using two basic principles: sexual development and sexual integrity.1

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How do you respond to (transgressive) sexual behaviour?

Target group
Young people (15 to 18 years old)
Yellow flag - moderately transgressive sexual behaviour
Target group
Red flag - serious transgressive sexual behaviour

Start with the Flag System 

There are different ways to start with the Flag System: you can use our work formats and methods, or practise with the example situations showing specific situations of sexual behaviour of (vulnerable) children, young people and adults. 

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Developmental Chart

The Developmental Chart contains an overview of possible sexual behaviour that may be displayed, from 0 to 18 years old. It is based on Western scientific literature on the sexual development of young people. 

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Integrating the Flag System into your policy 

You can use the Flag System at different levels and in different areas of policy: You can do this by yourself or with support from Sensoa. 

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