With the materials below, you can start working with the Flag System as a professional. They are intended primarily for professionals, but can also be interesting for teachers, parents and young people.

Sensoa cannot provide any more answers or assistance for the international implementation of the Flag System than the information on this website.

Tips & tricks guide - policy information

Use the Flag System in your organisation op country

Using the Flag System in your organisation or country may be challenging. Cultural adaptations may be necessary. The Tips & tricks guide will help you adapt the method to specific cultural or organisational needs.

This guide comprises:

  • Tips and guidelines to adapt the Flag System to a context.
  • Eight culturally sensitive dimensions according to the Ecological Validity Model.
  • Four phases to integrate the Flag System.   

After the adaptations, a professional or organisation can freely use the Flag System within different sectors (such as care, education, social work and sport) and different cultures.

More about the Flag System and cultural adaptations

Sensoa Flag System example situations – online tool

Situations that help you assess sexual behaviour

The example situations of the Sensoa Flag System show specific situations of sexual behaviour of (vulnerable) children, young people and adults. Each situation is assessed using the six criteria for healthy sexual behaviour. Based on this assessment, a response is suggested.

  • You can search example situations by target group, context and based on what is happening.
  • You can print the full page of the example situation or save it in PDF format.

Take a look at the six criteria applied to common situations

Sensoa Flag System work formats for children and young people – informative material

Discuss sexual behaviour with (vulnerable) children and young people

Children and adolescents exhibit sexual behaviour throughout their development. That sexual behaviour is usually okay but can sometimes cross a line. It's not always easy to talk about sexual or sexually transgressive behaviour to children and young people. 

As a professional, you can use the Sensoa Flag System's six work formats in this booklet to talk to children and young people.  

For each work format, you get an overview of the objectives, possible target groups and the materials you need. 

Download the work formats for children and young people

Sensoa Flag System work formats for professionals – informative material

Discuss sexual behaviour in your organisation

Where people cohabit, live or work together, sexual behaviour is sometimes exhibited.  Usually, no problems arise, but sometimes people overstep each other's boundaries. As a professional, it is not always easy to deal with situations involving sexual behaviour. When do these situations cross the line?  And how do you best respond to them? The Sensoa Flag System is a methodology that can help you deal with this.  

In this workbook, we give you 12 work formats to apply the methodology in a practical way. The work formats come with various exercises at different levels:

  • assessing incidents;
  • responding to incidents;
  • the link with your integrity policy.  

For each work format, there is an overview of the objectives and the material you need. 

Download the work formats for professionals

The Developmental Chart – online tool

Correctly assess sexual behaviour at a specific age

In the Developmental Chart you can look up which sexual behaviour is common at each age. The Chart includes harmless and transgressive forms of sexual behaviour for each age category, from 0 to 18 years old.

The Developmental Chart is an additional tool used in combination with the Sensoa Flag System.

The Chart is based on Western scientific literature on the sexual development of young people.

Take a look at the Developmental Chart

Knowledge, Attitude and Self-Efficacy questionnaire – policy information

Improve the implementation of the Flag System in your organisation

With the Knowledge, Attitude and Self-Efficacy questionnaire, you can assess to what extent people understand sexually transgressive behaviour and what attitude and convictions they have. On the basis of this assessment, organisations can see whether there is a need for further training or intervention, such as the Flag System.

  • The questions about 'knowledge' indicate to what extent you have sufficient knowledge about the topic to assess sexually transgressive behaviour and respond to it in an appropriate manner.
  • In the part on 'attitudes', questions are asked about one's own opinion about sexually transgressive behaviour.
  • 'Self-efficacy' is about one's own capacity to successfully carry out tasks such as stopping sexually transgressive behaviour or having discussions after an incident.

The questionnaire consists of statements that you can answer by 'Disagree' through to 'Agree'.
It takes around 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. At the end of the questionnaire, you can calculate and interpret your score yourself.

Fill in the questionnaire 

Training for professionals

Looking for a trainer to train groups on the Flag System in your region and language? You can. We compiled a list of local trainers trained in the Sensoa Flagging System.

Take a look at the list