You can use the Flag System as a policy instrument at different levels and in different areas:

  • It makes the organisation more professional, because it invites you to develop a vision. It also promotes communication between the various parties within the organisation. 

  • It offers a guide to assess behaviour and respond to it in an appropriate way.

  • It helps you draw up a procedure and reach clear agreements on how to handle incidents.

Use the Flag System in your organisation or country

Using the Flag System in your organisation or country may be challenging. Cultural adaptations may be necessary. The Tips & tricks guide will help you adapt the method to specific cultural or organisational needs.

More about the Flag System and cultural adaptations

Measure the impact of the Flag System in your organisation

With the Knowledge, Attitude and Self-Efficacy questionnaire, you can assess to what extent people understand sexually transgressive behaviour and what attitude and convictions they have. On the basis of this assessment, organisations can see whether there is a need for further training or intervention, such as the Flag System. 

More about measuring the impact in your organisation

Start working with the Flag System

There are different ways to start with the Flag System: you can read the book Sensoa Flag System for children and young people, use our work formats and methods, or practise with the example situations showing specific situations of sexual behaviour of (vulnerable) children, young people and adults.

Discover our entire range of materials and work formats of the Flag System